Novel Edit

Immortal Cultivation Edit

Rank Realm Stage/Grade Lifespan Title
1 Qi Refinement
  • Foundation Establishment
  • Ethereal Enlightenment
  • Divine Sea
2 Connate 500 Years Earth Immortal
2.5 Original Core
  • 1-3 Low, 4-6 Mid, 7-9 High
  • Divine, Saint, Immortal
1,000-2,000 Years
3 Golden Core

(Jin Dan)

Can control the power of space 10,000 Years True Monarch
4 Nascent Soul

(Yuan Ying)

Primal Infant (Can command heaven and earth) 30,000 Years Heavenly Monarch
5 Soul Formation

(Hua She)

Divine Transformation (Can create life) God Monarch
6 Void Returning Void Return God Emperor
7 Dao Reunion Dao Fusion Millions of years True Immortal
8 Tribulation Transcends Tribulation Celestial Lord

Golden Core Types : Edit

Grade 1-3 Low-Grade Golden Core

Grade 3-6 Mid-Grade Golden Core

Grade 6-9 High-Grade Golden Core

Divine Grade Golden Core Rank 1-9

Saint Grade Golden Core Rank 1-9

Immortal Grade Golden Core only 1 rank

Martial Arts Edit

Rank Realm Stage Lifespan Title
1 External Strength
2 Internal Force
  • Initial Success
  • Phenomenal Success
  • Perfected
3 Transcendent State Grandmaster
4 God State
5 Human Immortal State Form Divine soul 150
6 Earth Immortal State 500 Celestial

Manhua Edit

There are eight stages of cultivation, though qi condensing is the beginning stage it has three small stages. Each stage is split into three levels, Initial, Middle, and Peak, once a cultivator is able to surpass the peak level they will move onto the next stage, but there will be a bottleneck between each stages.

Immortal Cultivation Edit

The Foundation Establishment Stage is the very first stage of cultivation, after which cultivators can lift hundreds of pounds, run as fast as a horse, break through the limits of their bodies, condense true essence inside, draw talismans, and become capable of some magic. Although Foundation establishment stage is the very first stage for cultivators, it doesn't seem very important, yet only with a firm foundation can a skyscraper be built.

Rank Realm Stage Immortal Title Earth Equivalent
1 Qi Condensation Foundation Establishment Initital Master
Peak Grandmaster
Profound Opening Initital Half-Immortal
Intermediate Immortal
Peak Half-God
Divine Sea Initital God
2 Tianxian / Xiantian Early Human-Immortal
Mid Earth-Immortal
3 Core Formation / Jin Dan Early Celestial Immortal / Monarch
4 Nascent Soul
5 Spirit Severing
6 Void Returning
7 Dao Fusion
8 Retribution Enduring

Earth's Cultivation Edit

Daoist: Edit

The so-called Daoist is one who obtains supernatural power through cultivation and is able to use various magic and equipment, which is very extraordinary. It's also called essence and qi refining in Daoism. It's garbha of meditation in Buddhism. and for kung fu students, It is to enter the stage of inner strength.

Martial Arts: Edit

Inner Strength trains the body, Sublimity trains the qi and Divinity trains the spirit.

Rank Realm Title
1 Outer Strength
2 Inner Strength Master
3 Sublimity Grandmaster
4 Tongxuan Stage / Divinity
5 Yushen Stage
6 Immortal Stage Celestial
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