Techniques Edit

Void Body Refining Arts

  • This Specific Art puts emphasis on inclusiveness and absorptive captivity.

Acupuncture technique

  • A technique that gives a cultivator extensive knowledge on acupoints and the ability to control acupoints skillfully.

Devil Exorcising Divine Thunder

  • Full of rigid and yang energy, that is used to annihilate all kinds of ghosts and evil energy.

Thirty-Six Form Apex Martial Arts

  • The Martial Arts of the Apex Sect.

Off Fire Gold Pupil

  • It can sprout flames from the user's eyes and reduce someone to

ash and disperse their soul. the user can also leave a fire seed that will ignite at a specified time.

Corpse Refinement

  • The user can turn a corpse into their puppet, which follows the user's orders.

Abilities Edit

  • Basic Alchemy : Chen Fan does not have medical skills but is capable of refining pills.
  • Master of Formations, Arrays and Treasure Forging
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