He is the main protagonist of the novel Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator.

Background Edit

Chen Fan was the Immortal Sovereign of Beixuan, also called "Chen Beixuan". He was the direct disciple of the Immortal Master of Apex Martial Arts -- The Immortal of CangQing. Chen Fan was taken away from the Earth at the age of 30 and embarked on the road of Immortal Cultivation. With great aptitude, he reached the Retribution Enduring Stage after only five hundred years of cultivation. He was known as a peerless genius who was most likely to successfully detach from the universe and ascend to the celestial realm. Chen Fan combated with all the tribes of the universe and won every battle. he was thus honored as the "Immortal Sovereign of Beixuan". Unfortunately, Chen Fan fell during the Divine Retribution. It was because he had cultivated too fast to establish a solid foundation, and his Dao Heart Could not take it. Cheng Fan had given up everything for the past five hundred years, leaving behind countless regrets. all those regrets burst out when the Tribulation of the Inner Demon cames, leaving Chen Fan nowhere to hide, And now He has returned to being a teenager on Earth, where he has to start his cultivation all over again but this time he will take his time making sure that his cultivation is stronger than his previous life and with a stable foundation.

During his five hundred years of cultivating, Chen Fan collected myriads of secret arts, Chen Fan stated that he has collected 13,726 ways of establishing foundations alone.

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